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Clavis Ring Magnetic Sports Wrap Layered Bracelet

Clavis Ring Magnetic Sports Wrap Layered Bracelet

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At Clavis, your health and wellbeing are our top priorities. That is why we are committed to delivering premium quality products specially engineered to help relieve pain and bring you comfort without compromising your health and safety. We are working with specialized equipment suppliers and premium-grade materials to deliver a unique collection of bracelets that use magnetic therapy to help you regain your vitality and strength while adding a touch of elegance to your look. Our magnet bracelets will impress with the exquisite design, made with carefully selected magnets and modern elements that will adorn your attire while supporting natural pain relief.

  • Handmade in Korea: our magnetic bracelets are entirely handmade in Korea using advanced manufacturing technologies and premium materials. These bracelets are crafted with attention to detail, featuring well-positioned magnets for maximum benefits as well as exception details for a plus of elegance and sophistication.
  • Innovative magnetic technology: our magnetic bracelets use a combination permanent magnetic chips made with natural mineral, carefully positioned to enhance their magnetic field and natural pain relief properties.
  • Say goodbye to pain: our magnetic bracelet features an effective design that uses magnet therapy to help relieve muscle and joint pain, discomfort and aches as well as soreness and fatigue, and may help promote relaxation, support normal circulation and enhance sleep quality.
  • Trendy aesthetics: our magnetic therapy bracelet is eye-catchy, lightweight and comfortable, with an adjustable strap that will look superb and ensure a comfortable fit around the wrist, for both men and women. The bracelet comes with a wide range of trendy designs suitable for young people, but also for adults and seniors alike!
  • Suitable for everyone: thanks to its stylish aesthetics and natural pain relief effect, this magnet bracelet for women and men can be used by young people as a fashion choice, but also by adults and seniors struggling with joint and muscle pain, soreness and discomfort, athletes, sports players and more.


Size : L 568mm x W 2mm
Magnetic Power Chips : 1.2mm x 135-145ea

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